internist heartPatients in San Antonio who seek more one-on-one time with physicians find concierge medicine provides noticeable benefits. The traditional system is dominated by insurance company demands and pressure for doctors to see the maximum number of patients possible in a day. Patients likely spend more time waiting in rooms than in quality conference with physicians. For patients with myriad health concerns or hesitancy in reporting symptoms, time and individualized attention is the best commodity a doctor in San Antonio can offer.

Focused and Adequate Time

A patient who has only experienced traditional medicine may be shocked by the considerable time a concierge doctor is willing to spend together. Because concierge they have fewer patients overall, their day can be budgeted according to patients’ needs rather than a strict and demanding schedule influenced by forces other than compassionate care. The atmosphere in concierge appointments allows patients adequate time to explain symptoms fully, with space for follow-up questions, necessary testing, and a complete picture of a patient’s reasons for the visit.

Holistic Health Approach

When an appointment isn’t rushed or forced into an unrealistic time structure, a concierge physician can learn about a patient’s overall wellness, including mental health, nutrition and exercise. Rather than triaging the most pressing need and sending a patient out the door with a hastily-scribbled prescription, the doctor can understand and evaluate lifestyle choices, habits, and emotional needs. This addresses health problems with appropriate immediate treatment as well as long-term healing recommendations and follow-up.

Affordable Access

Concierge healthcare isn’t just the domain of the elite in San Antonio. Through annual or monthly fees, the patient gains access to the physician’s personalized time and attention for both preventative health and medical crises. This kind of consistent care reduces unnecessary testing and prioritizes listening over impulsive trial and error. The physician is available to address any medical concern, day or night.