To enroll, please complete and sign the enrollment contract and email or fax it to me.  If you need help or have questions, my office staff and I are here to help you.  Once the enrollment contract is received, my office staff will call to get you on the schedule.

Yes.  You will need to maintain health insurance for services like lab draws, radiology tests, specialist appointments and hospitalizations.

If you are hospitalized at Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, I will coordinate your care by visiting daily on weekdays and speaking directly with your attending physician.  If you are hospitalized elsewhere, I will communicate with your attending and will personally coordinate your follow up care.

If you are sick, call me!  We will decide together how to manage your acute issue.

The 2022 annual fee is $2,020.

The annual fee covers all services listed above.

The annual enrollment fee can be paid in one lump sum or by putting $1000 down followed by two quarterly payments of $400. There is also an option to use Care Credit which allows you to pay in monthly installments of $150. For more information on Care Credit, contact Jennifer Massey at (210)504-4620.
You MAY be able to use your HSA or FSA to cover the membership fee but you would have to check with your account administrator to confirm. In many circumstances, the fee is seen as a “membership” not a “medical service” and thus MAY not be covered.

Payment plans are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Your enrollment is automatically terminated if you move out of the area or in the event of catastrophic circumstances such as death.  Your enrollment fee will be refunded in a prorated amount. 

No.  Because the concierge fee is seen as a “membership” not a “medical service”, the fee cannot be reimbursed by insurance.

I maintain an extensive network of specialists in whom I have full confidence.  Should you require a referral, I will communicate with the specialist to whom I have referred you and I will actively work to ensure continuity of care between me and your specialists.

  1. All medications in their original bottles
  2. Any recent laboratory or radiology testing
  3. A list of your current specialists (if any)
  4. An updated vaccination log
  5. An updated list of all surgeries
  6. A list of the dates of your most recent screening exams such as mammograms, bone densities, pap smears, colonoscopy, prostate cancer screening tests, etc.

If I am unable to be in the office or answer calls I will appoint a board-certified Internist to cover for me.