Kay L. AvatarKay L.

Dr. Erin Reese and her staff are wonderful. She is caring and so attentive to all our needs. - 12/09/2021 

carlota r. Avatarcarlota r.

Absolutely 5 Gold Star Care. A Doctor who takes the time to listen and actually communicate with the patient. - 11/17/2021 

Gloria P. AvatarGloria P.

A wonderful caring doctor, always pleasant and will answer any and all questions., never feel rushed. Highly recommend . Her staff is wonderful as well - 9/30/2021 

Susan A. AvatarSusan A.

Dr. Reese is amazing. I’m so thankful to be in her practice. She really listens, remembers and is so informed about medications, conditions and has solutions to try. She is very kind and knowledgeable. - 9/25/2021 

Pat E. AvatarPat E.

Dr. Erin Reese has been my PCP for about 7 years when she joined the IMED Clinic at Benson Pavilion. I have always found her to be exceedingly knowledgeable and willing to share formation with me and to discuss alternative treatments. When she established her concierge practice in January 2020, I was delighted to have the opportunity to join her and enjoy a different and more comprehensive type of medical care. The concierge practice is amazing, an old-time method of caring for patients, in which she is almost always available to me quickly if needed. On several occasions, Dr. Reese has consulted with my other specialists and medical personnel to arrive at alternative solutions, a practice not often found in today’s world of specialization. Dr. Reese will communicate verbally, in-person, by email or by the medical portal. Telemedicine visits are also available. She listens to her patients and apparently does not object to answering numerous questions and explaining WHY a particular treatment is needed.The office staff is very efficient and have always greeted me with a friendly attitude and welcoming smile. Phone calls and messages are responded to promptly. There is no more waiting for hours and hours to get a call back! The office is conveniently located near Stone Oak Methodist Hospital, South Texas Radiology Center and Labcorp. There is plenty of free parking, usually directly in front of the office. Prior the pandemic, healthy treats were even available in the check-in area!I am delighted to highly recommend Dr. Reese, a physician who considers her patient’s entire medical history while at the same time sincerely caring for their health and well-being. - 8/19/2020 

Roger B. AvatarRoger B.

Dr Erin Reese is a dream doctor. I'm 68 with multiple medical issues and Dr Reese has turned my life around. I thought I had a good doctor prior to her, (a great Marcus Welby type Doc) but I had no idea how life changing and amazing Dr Reese is. I suffered for 17 years with excruciating chronic back pain from failed back surgery and she treated me with the latest medication that quelled the pain completely, improved my outlook on living, and I feel like a new man. She is so kind and personable she feels like one of your best friends. It is so wonderful to just call/write/or text her when life's little or big emergencies hit you. We have called her the minute something goes wrong and she has a treatment/medication ready immediately instead of waiting weeks to get into a physician. Your scheduled appointments last a WHOLE HOUR and she covers every little thing that concerns you. She always has a fix and I can't tell you how many times she has made my life better with health care suggestions. She is highly intelligent, versed in the latest technology and treatments, and is connected with the best specialists in San Antonio. If medical circumstances prevent you from coming into the office she will either Face Time or Zoom an appointment or conduct a house call under certain circumstances. Try getting this kind of medical care anywhere else. Dr Reese is wonderful caring kind empathetic person and a joy to be around. I can't imagine going through life without her. I recommend her in the strongest possible terms. Call her up and improve your life. I guarantee you will never regret it. - 8/19/2020 

Debby B. AvatarDebby B.

Our previous Doctor retired and we were lucky enough to get Dr Reese as our family’s physician. She is up to date on all aspects of medicine. She extremely thorough and listens to all of your questions and concerns and she is so easy to talk to. I am a retired RN and a very picky patient. The fact that she is a concierge doctor is a huge bonus for our family. I highly recommend Dr Erin Reese as your internal medicine doctor. - 8/19/2020 

dvheminger Avatardvheminger

Dr. Reese has been our primary care provider for the past 9 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, diligent and caring. Her diagnosis skills are excellent, and her specialist referrals s have all proven to be excellent. My wife and I are thrilled that she has elected to start her own concierge practice. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Dr. Reese. - 8/19/2020 

Vivian O. AvatarVivian O.

Very good with me and careful and caring. - 8/19/2020 

Judy M. AvatarJudy M.

I love Dr. Reese--she is very helpful and spends time with me on my appointments. - 8/19/2020 

Shelly P. AvatarShelly P.

Dr. Reese is an absolute (rare) gem of a physician. She greeted me promptly and with a very genuine, compassionate and upbeat/enthusiastic smile and spent a great deal of time documenting and understanding my medical history. She was a breath of fresh air as I had been to 2 prior PCPs within the year who seemed totally disinterested in me and my medical situation. Dr. Reese asked me continuously how she could help me and/or if I had any questions about what she was explaining, and that made me feel 1. super welcomed, 2. of value as a patient and more importantly as a person, and 3. like she was totally "in my court" to get to the bottom of a few recent lab findings that were questionable. Her "can do" attitude, excellent and welcomed humor, and professionalism, and that of Stephanie, her nurse, made me know I have finally found an amazing PCP, and for that I am truly grateful! - 8/19/2019 

Elizabeth M. AvatarElizabeth M.

Dr. Erin Reese is the one of the most compassionate doctors you will ever see. She will do what ever she can to accommodate her patients. She is smart and very easy to talk to. I absolutely love her and am so happy she is young because I know I won't have to worry about having to find another doctor any time soon. - 8/19/2019 

Mary A. AvatarMary A.

Dr. Erin Reese is the best she keeps up with your medications, speaks to you about any concerns and never acts like she is in a hurry to get to the next patient. I believe they schedule longer times for yearly physicials. If you have a medical concern she is willing to get you a refferal for example to cardiology, nephrology, neurology or dermatology. When calling to the office for a question they are very good at getting it to the MD and they called back that day. They take my Medicare and other insurance. The office in clean and they call you back to the room within 5 to 10 min. after you arrive. At least this has been my experience. - 8/19/2019 

Lisa B. AvatarLisa B.

I have been going to Dr Reese for several years and have been very impressed with her. The IMED practice is a busy one but Dr Reese never rushes the appointment she listens to you and offers help and solutions when needed. I would recommend her to anyone that is searching for a new Dr. - 8/19/2019 

Christopher M. AvatarChristopher M.

IMED and Dr Reese in particular are fantastic! EVERYTHING IS 5 STAR!!! - 8/19/2019 

Rebecca B. AvatarRebecca B.

Dr. Erin Reese is the dermatologist I visit at Commonwealth Dermatology. She has been extremely helpful in getting my condition under control. I recommend her and this practice to anyone out there who struggles with any skin condition. After years of suffering, after being persistent, she helped me find a sense of relief! - 9/04/2018